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Guinness Keep The Pint Glass Night


Come raise a glass of Irish Gold and take home some collectable classic Guinness glassware featuring the iconic brand campaigns from the 30's and 40's. Join us at Village Bottle Shop & Tasting Room on Friday, March 15th from 5-11pm to get a free pint glass with every Guinness you order. Collect all four awesome glasses!

This is the perfect way to kick off Saint Patrick's Day Weekend in Honolulu with a Friday night pau hana filled with Guinness. It'll also get you prepped for our HUGE beer garden on Saturday with live music, food and even more Guinness. Don’t miss the SALT at Our Kaka’ako St. Patrick’s Day Block Party!

A tad bit of history on these cool illustrations that are featured on these cool glasses. John Gilroy, an art director at Benson, started working on the Guinness account in 1930 and illustrated almost all of Guinness' advertisements for thirty years. First featured in a 1935 ad from Gilroy's zoo animal series, the toucan would become almost as synonymous with the Guinness brand as the harp on the label.

The toucan was initially intended to be a pelican, but was changed after poet Dorothy L. Sayers wrote:

If he can say as you can,
Guinness is Good for You,
How grand to be a Toucan,
Just think what Toucan do.

And there you have it.